The butt roll unwinder is a handy, semi-automatic unit. It is a safe way to strip butt rolls and efficiently separate the paper from the core.

Recycling is made easier and money is saved. Used at printers, converters or paper mills where the alternative would be to throw the butt roll, do it manually or invest in a far more expensive solution.

The butt roll is placed in a ”cradle” and the paper is wound automatically on the upper shaft. After the core is stripped, it can be reused and the paper is removed and recycled.

This is the only unwinder in the market where it is possible to recycle butt rolls with different lengths and core diameters without making any adjustments on the machine.

The cover/guard on top of the machine ensures good safety for the operators.

High capacity as it is so easy for the operator to just place the butt roll in the unwinding cradle. In many cases, depending on roll diameter and type of paper/film is it possible to unwind two or three rolls at the same time, increasing the efficiency.  


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